Owning a computer is much like owning a car you rarely give ownership or use a second thought until something goes wrong. In both cases, it is important to perform regular maintenance to help prevent problems from appearing, but when something does go awry, it is important to sort it out as soon as possible. TuneUp Utilities makes it possible to give your computer a regular MOT and acts as a knowledgeable mechanic who is on hand to assist when required.

The program is a suite of tools which, when used in combination, can help to improve and maintain the performance and stability of Windows. The suite will automatically free up hard drive space, perform defragmentation, clean up the registry and speed up startup and shutdown times - this can be carried out on a regular schedule or run manually when required.

TuneUp Utilities also includes a range of other useful tools such as a file restoration facility, hard drive error checker, and the ability to monitor and close running processes. In addition to all this, there are also numerous customisation options available including changing the logon screen, changing the appearance and functionality of the Start menu and taskbar, and adjusting performance enhancing settings. In all, this is your complete PC maintenance kit.

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A comprehensive set of tools to help keep your computer on top form for a reasonable price