Large numbers of people have discovered that Windows Explorer is a little too limited for their needs and in looking for an alternative have found Total Commander. The lack of a decent file browser for Android has sent many mobile users off on a similar search for their phones and tablets, and having stumbled across the Android version of the software it is likely that their search will come to an abrupt end.

This free app can be used to browse through the files and folder you have stored on your phone and memory card and you have access to the usual array of functions such as copying and moving. There is a built in text editor that can be used to perform basic editing tasks and the search facility can be used to look for files and search for text within documents. To help with navigation and accessing tools, there is a customizable toolbar that appear at the bottom of the screen.

You can change permissions of files and folders, and built in support for file compression means that you are able to deal with archives that you may download without the need for any extra software. When you are browsing through folders containing images, thumbnails enables to your preview files without the need to open them. Navigation is sped up with the availability of browsing history as well as bookmarks for you most frequently used locations.

One of the great things about Total Commander is the fact that it is wonderful extendable. The basic app is already well featured, but there are a number of plugins available that help to make things even more impressive. For example, if you have a need to work with remote files you’ll no doubt find that the FTP and WebDAV plugins – both official releases – are indispensible, and there is also a LAN plugin for network browsing.

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Everything you could possible want from a file browser – no complaints whatsoever.