The release of every new version of Windows tends to be divisive, and this is certainly the case with Windows 8. There are plenty of things that are loved by users, but there are probably an at least equal number of things that are hated. One such feature is the fact that the borders surround program and folder windows are larger than in previous versions of Windows.

If you’re unhappy with this, the appropriately named Tiny Windows Borders for Windows 8 is a simple, free tool that enables you to change the way things look. The program is a very basic affair that comprises nothing more than two sliders – one to control border width, and one to control border padding.

You can adjust one or both of these settings to your liking and hit the Save button to see the changes take effect. It is possible to almost completely remove the border, and this serves as some compensation for the fact that the ‘classic’ look of Windows has been dropped from Windows 8

The program works by making changes to the registry, but by using the tool rather than tinkering with the registry yourself, you reduce the risk of causing damage. Because of the way it works, there is no need to install Tiny Windows Borders and if you are a user of Windows 7 you will be happy to learn that, despite the name, the app is compatible with Windows 7 as well.

Build 2.5 changes include:

Bug fixed: windows does not redraw itself properly
Live preview is removed to improve the speed

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A simple tweaking tool that eliminates a small but irksome annoyance.