Temp File Cleaner is a tool which can free up valuable hard drive space by deleting surplus Windows and application files.

The program interface isn't the clearest we've seen; instead of being guided through the necessary steps, we had to browse the various options, check button tooltips and so on. Still, it's not that difficult: you need to choose the drives to be scanned, select which applications you'd like to clean (Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Flash, Ad-Adware and all the main browsers), before clicking Analyse and waiting for the report.

The results weren't too bad, either, with the program actually uncovering more surplus files than CCleaner could manage on the same PC (although mostly thanks to its performance in IE cleaning; it wasn't so good elsewhere).

We did have one significant concern, though, in that the program doesn't show you the details of what it wants to clean. It told us that we had 1,273 Windows files which could safely be deleted, for instance, but there's no way to view exactly which files those are. You just have to trust Temp File Cleaner not to wipe anything important.

This is a reasonably effective cleaner, then, but the interface could be simplified, and we'd certainly appreciate more information on precisely what it would like to do to our system.

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It's reasonably good at finding files to delete, but Temp File Cleaner 4.2.2 would be more useful if it allowed us to check those files before we allowed it to wipe them