At its most basic, SysMetrix is a clock replacement for Windows that enables you to supplement the standard digital clock that resides in the system tray with an analogue alternative. But in reality there is much more to the tool than this. The program can also be used to monitor weather and time zones around the world, but there is even more on offer in the form of system monitoring.

SysMetrix can display information such as CPU usage, your computer's IP address, the size of your swap file, the amount of free memory you have available and much, much more. The information can be displayed in variety of ways from gauges and graphs, to simple text or sliders. If you have ever wanted to monitor the condition of your computer, this could just be the program you have been waiting for.

If you have a copy of Motherboard Monitor installed, SysMetrix can make use of this program's monitoring information and display it alongside the other monitors you have chosen to enable. With support for temperature sensors, fan speed detection and much more, this is a hugely versatile tool that can be used to keep a constant eye on a huge number of system variables.

SysMetric is customisable through the use of skins so you can completely change the look of the program to suit your tastes or to tie in with a theme you have applied to Windows.

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A great tool for anyone who wants instant access to a wealth of information about the state of their computer.