These days it is almost unusual to find someone who has just one computer. An ever increasing number of people have not just more than one computer, but also devices such as smartphone, tablets and laptops. In many instances it makes sense to be able to access the same information on each of these devices, and this can mean that you have to spend a good deal of time ensuring that files are coped from one to another.

If you would rather that this was taken care of for you, SyncMate could be just what you have been looking for. This is a free synchronization tool that has been designed specifically designed for Mac users which helps to eliminate some of the manually copying that would otherwise be involved in making sure that data Is made available in multiple locations.

The free version of SyncMate is understandably more limited than the paid for version but this is not to detract from its usefulness. The app can be used to sync contacts, iCal and more. It is not limited to synchronizing your Mac’s data to another Mac, it could also be used to sync to a PC, a mobile device, or an online service such as Dropbox.

The list of supported devices is impressive – iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia S40 devices, Sony PSP and many others – and if you are using the app in conjunction with a cell phone, you’ll find that you are able to use it to manage your SMS messages on a larger screen as well as sharing an internet connection. If nothing else, the free version will enable you to determine whether or not it is worth spending money on the Expert edition.

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Rather a limited sync tool, but the free version is an interesting taster of the full app.