SyMenu is a portable menu system which makes it easier to organise and launch your portable applications, as well as anything else installed on the host system.

At a minimum, you might use the program as a portable Start Menu. Launch it, and it adds an icon to your system tray. Press Ctrl+F1 at any point and a pop-up menu appears, giving speedy access to your Start Menu applications, Control Panel applets, folders, recent documents and more.

You can customise your menu further by adding applications, documents, folders, URLs and more, either by dragging and dropping individual items or importing a batch in a single operation (every EXE file in your USB stick's NirSoft folder, say).

If you don't have all the portable programs you need, no problem. SyMenu integrates with and its PAF Suite, listing applications like 7-Zip, AbiWord, Autoruns, Dia, DOSBox, FileZilla, Firefox, GIMP, KeePass, OpenOffice, VLC Media Player and more, and installing them to your USB stick (or anywhere else) with a click.

Programs may be organised in whatever hierarchy you like, or you can just use the built-in Search tool to find what you need. Click in the Search box (or press Ctrl+Shift+F1), start typing, and any matches appear immediately (even if they're applications on the local system).

This is all vastly configurable, too. You can have particular programs launched when SyMenu starts or closes. It's able to temporarily replace file associations with items relating to your SyMenu apps. You can customise hotkeys, mouse gestures, icons, themes, and the list goes on.

Version 6.02.6575:

- Dynamic desktop shortcut
- New command line argument -quit to close, via remoting, a previously running SyMenu instance
- New command line argument -run to launch a SyProgram. SyMenu starts itself, launches the program and quits. It's a feature tied to the Dynamic desktop shortcut
- SyMenu can be run at Windows startup even in elevated mode
- Option to hide the Windows hidden files on search results or during the file system navigation
- Fix - Execution counter removes the items that are no more available among user items
- Fix - It's possible to save an item position even when it's moved to the last available place
- Fix - The floating icon doesn't freeze anymore when a modal form is opened
- Fix - When the label is the longer element in context menu, its text isn't cut anymore
- SPS Manager - Restyle for the main form and the download form
- SPS Manager - Form minimizable
- SPS Manager - Button to copy the installation process details to the clipboard
- SPS Manager - Items added and no more supported, are flagged as "discontinued"
- SPS Manager - The radio buttons for filters, automatically run the search
- SPS Manager - Added a new radio button filter for available and not yet installed programs
- SPS Manager - A freshly installed program that has no icon, takes the SPS icon instead
- SPS Manager - Now the slider for the definition check interval works from 1 day to 30 days. A step beyond disables the checking
- SPS Manager - Improved speed during the update

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SyMenu is a superb launcher, versatile, configurable, yet also extremely easy to use. A success at every level.