SwiftSearch is a portable and very fast Windows search tool.

The program search window is extremely basic. Choose the drive you'd like to search, enter a part of the file or folder name you'd like to locate, click Search, and that's it - the results appear instantly. (And we do mean instantly. You'll barely be able to see the window refresh.)

How is this possible? As with many similar programs, SwiftSearch works by directly accessing the NTFS Master File Table (MFT). This means there's no need to crawl over your drive, so performance is amazing. But is also means you can only search for file names, not their contents. And the program only works on NTFS drives.

We have some small issues with the way SwiftSearch is implemented. The similar search tool Everything updates its search results every time you type a letter, for instance, helping you zoom in on whatever you're looking for, but SwiftSearch does nothing until you type a full keyword and click "Search" (you can't even just press Enter).

The program does have one notable plus in that it lists the full size of any matching folders, though. And it also supports regular expressions to help you more precisely define exactly what you're looking for.

Version 7.0 Improvements:

Can crash on NTFS volumes with small clusters (cluster size < file record size) if the MFT becomes
fragmented and causes a file record to become split up into non-adjacent clusters on the disk.
In practice, this usually only happens if the cluster size is 512 bytes (as file records are usually 1024 bytes).
This will hopefully be fixed at some point, but it is low-priority.

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It's not as powerful as the best MFT search tools, but SwiftSearch's ability to list full folder sizes is a useful plus