SoundVolumeView is a tiny portable tool which displays the current volume levels for all the active audio components on your system, and allow you to mute or unmute them instantly.

It's also possible to save your current volume settings as a "profile". Reloading this later will instantly restore the same volume settings.

The interface for all this is extremely basic. There's no audio meter, no slider, no colourful graphics - it's just the usual NirSoft table, crammed with data.

But, if you're happy to use the program's command line interface, there are some usual features here.

Create a shortcut to run it like this, for example:

SoundVolumeView.exe /SaveProfile test.vol

...And it'll instantly save all your current volume settings in a file called test.vol.

Now create a second shortcut with this:

SoundVolumeView.exe /LoadProfile test.vol

...And it'll restore all your previous volume settings on demand.

Version 1.70

Added /WaitForItem command-line option, which instructs SoundVolumeView to wait until the sound item appears. You can use this feature to change the application volume for applications that are currently not running. For example, if you want to mute the sound of Chrome Web browser and it's not running at this moment: 
SoundVolumeView.exe /Mute chrome.exe /WaitForItem 0
Disabled devices are now displayed with disabled icon.

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The interface is dated and technical, but SoundVolumeView is handy as a way to tweak or restore your volume settings from scripts or shortcuts.