SoftPerfect File Access Monitor is designed to log all file system activity on a PC, including file creations, reads, writes and deletions.

You can then browse reports listing file names, each access type, the amount of data involved (were they reading 16 bytes or 16MB?), the user, process, date and time.

There's so much background activity on a PC that this quickly becomes a very long list, but File Access Monitor offers several ways to help.

At a minimum, you can filter reports by operation type, user, process or time.

A Search tool helps you find actions taken on a particular file.

Alternatively, you can use filters to record only details relating to specific operations, including or excluding particular paths or processes.

Please note, on launch you're prompted to enter a login password-- just leave this blank.

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Another excellent SoftPerfect product, SoftPerfect File Access Monitor logs file actions with ease, and its many configuration options help you focus on the data you need.