If you use your Mac for any length of time it means spending time using your mouse. Smart Scroll is a small application which can be used to greatly enhance your mouse, making it easier and quicker to use.

The Super Scroll feature mimics the scrolling action of the iPhone, enabling a 'coasting' option to apply momentum to scrolling pages. If you are using a wheel mouse, this feature makes it much easier to scroll through lengthy documents and track your place on the page.

Cocoa applications can take advantage of Hover Scroll. This feature makes it possible to activate scrolling by simply hovering the mouse cursor over a scrolling pane while the cursor keys can be used to control scroll speed.

Grab Scroll enables you to scroll through documents and window contents using a dragging action - and again, iPhone style coasting is supported. Smart Scroll can be used with any mouse or trackpad, and some features are activated through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Use the program for just a short time and you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

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Smart Scroll enhances scrolling on your Mac and you'll soon be wondering why its feature weren't implemented as standard.