When you are working with your Mac, whether you are surfing the internet, writing letters or working with a spreadsheet, there will come a time when you need to access the folders of your hard drive. This may be to open a file you want to edit, or to watch a video you downloaded a couple of weeks ago. In either case, it means having to for up Finder and hunting through the contents of your hard drive.

SideFolders can help to make your life a little easier by ensuring that you always have access to your folders no matter what you are doing. As the name of the app probably gives away, SideFolders eliminates the need to explicitly open a Finder window by providing a hotspot at the side of the screen that will provide instant access to your folders.

Of course, it has long been possible to access important folders from the dock, but the means of navigation made available leaves a little to be desired and there are limited options available. SideFolders is a little different as it is available no matter what you are doing, and it can be accessed without the need to completely break away from your work.

The app can be used to quickly open files, but it can also be used to move files between locations without the need to leave the application you are working in. The idea behind SideFolders is simple, but it works very well.

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A great productivity tool that helps to speed up every day tasks.