Send To Toys is a compact free tool which extends Explorer's right-click "Send To" menu with a host of useful extras.

Right-click a text or image file after installation, for example, choose "Send To", and you can copy either the file name or its contents to the clipboard.

Choosing Send To > Command Prompt opens that item a command window. Explorer can already do this with folders, but Send To Toys works with files as well, opening a command prompt with their name already entered.

Maybe you're right-clicking a Windows application? Select Send To > Run and the Explorer Run box opens with the file name and path entered.

A Send To > Default Mail Recipient creates a new message in your default mail client with the file attached. Again, Explorer has a basic equivalent already, but Send To Toys takes this further by allowing you to specify defaults for the recipients, subject and message.

Other options can copy or move files, send them to the Favorites list, Recycle Bin or Quick Launch Toolbar, and the menu is fully configurable so it's easy to remove any tools you don't need.

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A great little tool that enhances Windows and makes it easier to work with your files.