Send To Manager is a free tool which helps you manage Explorer's "Send To" menu (as seen when you right-click a file or folder),

Launch the program and it displays any current shortcuts in the folder. Our test PC contained "Fax Recipient" and "Skype".

If you're curious what a particular shortcut is for, right-click it and select Google > Shortcut. A browser window will open with the results of a Google search.

If you're sure the shortcut is unnecessary, right-clicking and selecting "Remove" will make it disappear.

Clicking Menu > Add New Shortcut gives you the option to add a new shortcut of your own.

Try this, pointing the program at C:\Windows\Notepad.exe, and calling the shortcut "Notepad". Click "Add" to finish.

Now right-click a small file, select Send To > Notepad and Notepad will open to display the file. You can do this in other ways, of course, but it could occasionally be a useful method for passing files to an application or script.

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It's not difficult to manage "Send To" manually, just go to \Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo (well, usually) and delete/ create shortcuts as required. But Send To Manager does simplify the process, and there's no adware or other hassles to fight if you'd like to give it a try.