Seagate File Recovery is a simple undelete tool which makes it easy to restore lost files (though only up to 64KB in this demo version).

The program works much like any other file recovery tool. Simply point it at the drive containing your missing files, click Next and choose your scan type. There's support for a "fast search" which is quick but not always reliable, and a "Detailed scan", which causes the program to run an in-depth analysis of your drive and is far more likely to recover the missing documents.

Once the scan is complete then you can view the recoverable files in many different ways. There's an option to simply browse to them in an Explorer-like window, for instance. You can sort the files by document type, so for instance you could view all the JPEGS together. File Recovery can sort files according to their creation, last modification and last access times, or you can search for files by name, size and more.

And if you've found the files, then you can recover them to your choice of location in a click or two. Although even then the program has other advanced options you can use. So for instance it can attempt to recovery the alternative data streams or security attributes for NTFS files. And if your drive is physically failing, and the file is on a bad sector, then you can ask File Recovery to try to read that sector more times, increasing the chance of success.

Please note, though, this demo version of the program has a major restriction: it can't restore files great than 64KB (of course this is removed if you buy a licence). We also think it's rather expensive. Still, there is a lot of functionality here, and if you've lost some really important files, and File Recovery can locate them, then you may feel it's worth the price.

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Seagate File Recovery is packed with features, yes - but it really needs to be, at this price.