SChecklist is a very simple portable program for creating and managing "to do" lists.

You're able to create as many checklists as you need, and they're all listed in sChecklist's left hand pane.

Select any of these and you can add as many items to that list as required. There are no complicated properties, no time settings, no dependencies, sub-tasks or resources: it's just a name, and a checkbox.

SChecklist has options to start with Windows, minimise to the system tray, or stay always on top of other windows, useful if you always need access to its items.

Once it's set up, though, there's very little to do. Check a box once that item is complete; maybe change the sort order for long lists (move checked items to the top or bottom); save a list as text if you'd like to use it elsewhere, or just delete it when you're done. Easy.

Version 1.1.7 brings (Changelog):
    - Added "Escape to minimize" option.

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SChecklist has no fancy features, it's just about managing lists with item names and checkboxes. The program does this very well, though, and it's also easy to use and no-strings free. If you need a simple to-do manager which works anywhere, online or off, then give it a try.