SaMotion is a portable freeware to-do list creator and manager.

The program arrives as a single executable, with the simplest of interfaces: five buttons (including About and Close), and a black work area with the prompt "Add Category".

You can now add multiple "Categories", top-level tasks, each of which may contain as many subtasks as you need.

This has its limitations. We couldn't find any keyboard shortcuts to add tasks, it seems to be strictly mouse-only, which is annoying if you want to keep typing.

Individual subtasks can't have their own subtasks, either, so the level of detail is restricted.

But if you can live with these limits, there are some surprising extras here.

Move the mouse to the left of a subtask and a tiny status icon appears. Clicking this colour-codes the subtask, helping you mark the item as important.

SaMotion may be docked as a sidebar on the left or right side of the screen, or set to be "always on top" of other windows.

Your project data may be encrypted with 448-bit Blowfish, keeping it safe from snoopers.

And if you want to share the results with others, good news: SaMotion can export a simple but attractive report to PDF.

What's new in v1.11
Dialogue to save new projects while closing; Page number option for exported PDF files; Mousewheel scroll support; Password dialogue confirm with enter

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

SaMotion needs work. Some basic safeguards are missing (close the program and it won't warn you about unsaved work), and there should be some keyboard-friendly alternatives for entering data.

That aside, the program is lightweight, easy to use, and has some surprising bonus features in Blowfish encryption and PDF export. It's also no-strings free, so if you're interested, grab a copy and try it out.