ROCCAT Power-Grid is a powerful tool which allows you to remotely control a Windows 7/ 8 PC from any iOS or Android device. You're able to view your PC's status, launch programs, switch between, minimise or maximise windows, play music, adjust volume, restart or close down the system, and more, all from your smartphone.

For this to work you must install two packages. The Windows host is for your PC, while the app is for your iOS/ Android device. Please note, both packages are available from this download page: click the Windows download link on your PC, and the app link on your smartphone.

The Windows host must be installed first. This requires that you create an account with ROCCAT (you'll need to provide them with your name, country, email address and so on), but this is easily done from within the setup program. Once you've entered and verified your details the program incorrectly inserts your nickname into the "E-mail" box, however, so if you click "Login" immediately then you'll get a "failed authentication" error. Just change "E-mail" to your actual email address, click "Login" again and everything will work correctly.

The host software immediately asks you to connect your mobile device. You've not set one up, of course, so click "Skip" for now. ROCCAT's Power-Grid Launcher then appears, and you can browse the various control "grids", collections of tools which help you do various things: display system status, view social network streams, play music, control applications and more. The program comes with several grids, but you can also create your own, or download grids created by others (take a quick look at the full list to get a feel for what Power-Grid can do). At the moment, just click "Settings" and enter your details for Facebook, Twitter, email accounts, RSS feeds and anything else you'd like to monitor from the system.

Leave the Power-Grid Launcher window open on your system (don't close or minimise it), and find, download and run the ROCCAT Power-Grid app on your iOS or Android device. Click "Scan" on the phone/ tablet, and as long as both systems are connected via wifi, you should see your PC's name and IP address. Tap this, and a window should appear on the PC asking whether you want to pair with the device. Click "Yes" here, and your setup tasks are complete. Your mobile device should now display the currently selected grid, and you're ready to begin using it.

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We're not entirely clear how useful ROCCAT Power-Grid really is; you can already play music, access Twitter and Facebook from your phone without any help from your PC. Still, it's free to try, and the ability to create new grids might be useful. It's worth a few minutes of your time.