RichEdit is a portable free text editor which supports both rich text format and plain text files (it's more a Wordpad, than a Notepad replacement).

A simple tabbed interface allows you to open and manage multiple documents at the same time, and the core editing basics are just a click or two away. You're able to style, align and indent text, insert images and URLs, find or replace key words, copy and paste, undo, run a quick spell check, and more.

As you explore, though, you begin to notice some useful extra touches. Click File > Open and you can enter a URL, as well as select a local file; there are six separate clipboards to help manage your text snippets, while a "Find in Files" option changes common text across the files you specify without you having to open them individually.

RichEdit also provides some of the functionality you'll see in many Notepad replacements: drag and drop editing, syntax highlighting, line operations (split/ join/ sort/ duplicate/ compress), case conversion (upper/ lower/ sentence/ title/ invert), various character conversions (EOL > Space, Space > Tab, New Line > Space), and so on.

There are also several more unusual features, like on-demand web searches, a screen capture tool for the current tab, built-in file compression, upload to FTP, and file/ folder protection which adjusts file security to prevent others viewing your documents.

All this is presented in a reasonably configurable interface with a customisable toolbar, transparency control, always on top/ full screen modes, and more.

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RichEdit's menu structure isn't always clear and it sometimes took us a while to find the options we needed. But overall it's a capable little editor, configurable and with plenty of unusual and interesting features.