Restore Point Creator is a portable tool which makes it easier to create system restore points.

The program's interface is its first plus point, as it presents everything you need in the same dialog. There's the list of current restore points; the button to create a new restore point; a "restore to selected restore point" option, all just a click away.

You get some extra options, too, like the ability to schedule a restore point to happen whenever you like, selectively delete an individual restore point, or log restore point deletions for review later.

There are drive space management tools, as well; you're able to view the space currently taken by restore points, and reduce or increase it as you choose.

You can do most of this within Windows, of course, but Restore Point Creator just makes it easier. If you start at the Windows System Protection dialog, say, it's three clicks to display the current list of Restore Points; launch Restore Point Creator and they're visible right away.

Version 7.0 build 4 brings (see full changelog)

-Removed the system restore auto-fix code from the system restore creation code on the main window, it was causing far more issues than it was helping to solve. Users are instead told to go to the System Restore Point Utilities menu and to click on Manually Fix System Restore.

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A well-designed interface simplifies the process of creating and managing your system restore points, and adds some useful extra functions as well.