Renaming a single file is easy: just select the file and press [F2]. But if you find yourself confronted by a whole folder of files that require renaming then you need to employ something a little smarter than the Windows technique.

Enter, stage left, Rename Master. This beautifully formed, free and portable application enables you to rename large groups of files with ease. It also allows you to change the tags found in MP3 and JPEG files too, so if you’ve accidentally misspelled an important tag in 100 files, you can now change it with the minimum of fuss.

As you’d expect, the renaming options are as simple or as complicated as you like: add, replace or remove all or part of the filename, employ filters so only specific files within the selected folder are displayed, and preview all changes before you click the rename button (don’t worry, there’s an undo button for extra reassurance, just in case).

Rename Master also employs scripts to simplify the renaming task, and you can mix and match these to your heart’s content. One obvious use for the program is to force music files into a specific sort order for burning to an audio CD. The job’s simple: select the folder containing your tracks, drag them into the desired order and then use the Add Counter script to add the required number (and underlined character, for neatness sake) to the beginning of each file, ensuring they play in the correct order.

Version 3.13 (Changelog):
(Renaming Script)
New: added Keep Expanded option to the step's right-click menu
New: Keep Expanded setting is saved in the script
Fix: enabled steps may be disabled when loading in the default script
Fix: "Replace Number" sequence number not using Counting tab settings
Fix: variable formatting issue loading a script with two of the same metavariable

(Breadcrumb Address Bar)
Fix: crash when hiding the dropdown list on Windows 10

(File List)
Fix: issue with sorting during a Subfolder Scan

(Advanced Insert)
Fix: File Content metavariable off by one

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An utterly essential addition to anyone’s portable toolkit, Rename Master simplifies and speeds up the laborious process of renaming batches of files.