Remove Empty Directories (RED) is a free tool which finds and removes empty (and nearly empty) folders.

Point the program at your target folder, and it scans that tree, displaying any empty folders in an Explorer-like pane.

By default, RED also considers folders with 0-byte files, desktop.ini or thumbs.db as empty, and you may add other file masks (*.log) as required.

Double-clicking any folder in RED's tree opens it in Explorer, where you can review or delete it manually.

Individual folders may be protected, or added to an "Ignore List", ensuring they won't be listed or deleted in future.

Once you're happy, clicking "Delete..." removes every empty folder on the list. This takes a while because the program adds a tiny delay after each deletion, giving you time to stop the process, but this can be disabled (Settings > Pause...)

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Remove Empty Directories won't save much disk space, and there's the distinct possibility that it might break some programs. (Just because a folder is empty, doesn't mean it's unnecessary.)

But on the other hand, if you can remove hundreds, maybe thousands of folders from a drive, it should improve the performance of some operations.

If you're happy to take the risk, and have a backup to hand, Remove Empty Directories can certainly help. It finds the leftover folders in seconds, and provides useful ways to include others (folders with 0-byte folders) while keeping important folders safe.