Registry Finder is a free tool for searching and editing the Windows Registry.

The program opens with a REGEDIT-type view. Your Registry is represented in a tree on the left, with individual items on the right, and you can double or right-click to edit them or add something new.

There are some interesting extras. Registry Finder has a web-like Address Bar at the top, providing another way to navigate your system. And Back and Forward buttons on the toolbar make it easy to review the keys you've browsed.

The History pane is another useful addition. Delete something and it appears here. If you've decided you've made a mistake, clicking Edit > Undo brings it back.

The "Find" feature is particularly strong. You're able to search the entire Registry, or just a particular key; there's an option to run case-sensitive searches; and unlike REGEDIT, the program doesn't just return its matches one-by-one. Instead they're all displayed at once, and in a separate tab, so you can easily browse the list and switch back to some other Registry view as required.

Version 2.36 (Changelog):

Added ability to import favorites from Registry Workshop
In normal installation mode, the InstallPath value is added to the HKLM\RegistryFinder key. This prevents accidental deletion of the key by 3-rd party registry cleaners, that led to switching to portable mode and loosing settings. Reported by Martin.
Fixed wrong highlighting of matches in the Find Results window. Reported by Yozakura-Hage
Fixed: as result of importing favorites, all items are replaced with imported ones. Now, new items are added to existing ones. Reported by Nelson (t-bone)
Fixed: changing favorite properties during adding a favorite item has no effect - item is added with default properties. Reported by tudr74
Fixed incorrect renaming of favorite categories. Reported by tudr74

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Registry Finder has some quirks and omissions, and doesn't always work as you'd expect. These issues are relatively small, though, and on balance it's becoming a very capable Registry editor.