Registry DeleteEx is a portable tool which can delete locked Registry keys, even if they are owned by Windows or protected by malware.

The interface is basic in the extreme. There's no REGEDIT-type viewer, no tree to help you find the key you need: just boxes to enter a key or value, and a Delete button to get rid of it.

What makes Registry DeleteEx interesting is that it ignores the usual Windows deletion method, and writes to the Registry directly. As a result, the program bypasses any permissions issues, and it won't matter if malware has hooked the Windows API: the key is deleted anyway. (Of course, if malware is running on your PC, then it can always rewrite the key later, but Registry DeleteEx at least gives you a chance of regaining control.)

Beware: if you delete something important then it could crash and/ or cripple your PC. Only use this program if you know what you're doing, and how you can recover if it all goes horribly wrong.

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Registry DeleteEx provides a simple and effective way to delete even the most stubborn Registry keys. That could be very useful, but make a mistake and it could easily trash your PC: be very, very careful.