Registrar Registry Manager is an excellent Registry editor with a host of time-saving features.

Suppose you want to search the Registry, for instance. Windows REGEDIT allows you to carry out only the most basic searches, very slowly, and returning your answers one at a time.

Use Registrar Registry Manager, though, and text searches run much faster, with all the results appearing in a single search pane, so it's much easier to work on them.

Sometimes you may need to reproduce one group of Registry settings under another Registry key. REGEDIT provides no clean way to do this, but again, Registrar Registry Manager Lite makes your life much easier: you can copy and paste selected values and keys wherever you like.

Of course you get all the usual REGEDIT-type tools as well, in a similar kind of interface, so you can browse the Registry, view keys and values, and change them just as you always did.

And some useful tools include a Registry Monitor which tracks exactly what your chosen processes are doing in the Registry, very useful for troubleshooting purposes.

The commercial Registrar Registry Manager Pro has all of these features, then adds many more: powerful search options, including regular expressions; optional editing through the System account; a "tough delete" function that will wipe even the most stubborn of Registry keys; a Compare tool that shows you the difference between two keys, and multi-level undo, amongst other functions. Licences start at $54.95 and you can order at the Resplendence site.

Version 8.02 brings  (Changelog):

Option added to disable high DPI awareness, support for high DPI settings

The software does not scale well on screens with high DPI settings. To remedy this, we added an option to disable high DPI awareness of the application so that the user interface will appear using DPI virtualization. Disabling this option makes the program more usable and readable on ultra high resolution screens with high DPI settings.

Bugs fixed related to registry export function

Using the export functionality caused the program to consume a lot of memory which was never released. As a result, the export function could crash, the export file would not get created and the program could become unusable thereafter. These problems have been fixed.

Include and Exclude Filters were not displayed consistently

The include and exclude filters would not always appear on every registry editing or tool window. Now they are being displayed consistently.

Several minor updates and improvements

Several minor updates and improvements have been applied to the software which are not being specified.

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Microsoft will improve REGEDIT. One day. But while we wait, Registrar Registry Manager Lite does just fine, with the program enhancing the editing experience in a host of different ways