Recent file seeker is designed to scan your system, find and list recently created or modified files (by default executables, though it can be used for other file types).

This can be useful for detecting malware, as it might pick up new executables which you didn't know about, or programs which are running from suspect places (your temporary files).

Recent file seeker is compact (a 300KB download) and extremely basic. It's just a single dialog with some search options. There's nothing else, not even an interface to display the results (they're saved to a text file and opened in Notepad).

Still, the search itself is quite capable. You start by entering a pattern representing the file types you'd like to locate (.exe|.dll|.com|.vbs|.cmd|.bat|.reg|.sys|.vbe|.scr by default), a starting folder, the time to use (creation, last modified, last accessed) and the maximum file age.

You can filter the report by including/ excluding Microsoft files. There's an option to verify file signatures, and you're able to customise the report by including file attributes, description, company name, file size, even the MD5 hash.

Once you've made your choices, click Start, and wait. Recent file seeker scans the system according to the rules you've specified, saves the results to a text file, and automatically opens this in Notepad when it's done.

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Recent file seeker is a capable little search tool, handy as a way to produce a report on new/ modified files, but the lack of a built-in report viewer limits its usefulness.