Random Selection Tool is a tiny Explorer extension which helps you randomly choose one or more items from the contents of a folder.

This might come in handy if, say, you'd like to play a video or listen to some music, but you can't decide exactly what. Or if you're running a test, perhaps to see if a new program can open one of your Office DOCX files, but you don't care which one.

Setup is very easy. Run RandomSelectionTool.exe as an administrator and click "Add..." to install the extension to Explorer. If you'd like to remove it later, run the program again and click "Remove".

To try out the program, open Explorer and browse to any of your user folders with a lot of content: Documents, Music, Pictures, whatever.

Right-click the folder in the left-hand pane - not the right - and click the new "Select Random" option. (Don't see it? Restart your PC, or try one of your drive root folders, like C:\Program Files.)

RandomSelectionTool then picks something from the contents of that folder - either a file, or a folder - and selects it for you. The right-hand pane should be updated to display what's been selected, too.

Repeating the process will select a second file, then a third. And when you're ready, use those files however you like (drag and drop, open them, copy them to the clipboard, whatever).

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Random Selection Tool typically can't be used where you most need it, for example in an application File > Open dialog. But if you can use this feature within Explorer then it's simple, free, and won't tie up any resources beyond 36KB of disk space.