When it comes to launching applications and accessing folders, Mac users are well catered for by the dock. But Quicksilver is an alternative launcher which may well become your default utility for not only launching programs but also searching your hard drive and performing a variety of actions.

Quicklsilver works by cataloguing the contents of your hard drive and the applications you have installed, and by using the dock icon or keyboard shortcut you can instigate the tool. Once active you can perform live searches - type a couple of letters and Quicksilver will intelligently display links to programs and files.

Over time, the program leans about the types of searches you perform most frequently and adapts the results accordingly. But it is the actions associated with search results which give Quicksilver its real appeal. Files can be moved to new locations, opened with specific applications, emailed as attachments, and much more.

There are a variety of plugins available for Quicksilver that enable it to better interpret how to deal with particular types of file. This is a hugely innovative program which changes how you interact with the contents of your hard drive, switching the focus from individual programs and files to tasks themselves.

Quicksilver 1.0 provides these new features:

- Preliminary support for retina displays (#1044, #1378)
- Assign the same trigger to different actions in different applications (#1201)
- Add files and folders to the catalog using the Add To Catalog action (#1276)
- AppleScript Action enhancements - http://qsapp.com/wiki/AppleScript_Actions (#1023, #1048)
- Assign an alternate name to something by creating a synonym (#1325)
- Plugin documentation is now accessible from the plugin's preferences (#999, #1364)
- Plugin documentation is accessible directly from the list of plugins via a button in the bottom-right (#1364, #1384)
- Trigger type can be specified in the third pane for the Add Trigger action (#1345)
- Clipboard history will omit "transient" data (#1213)
- New localizations for Korean, Catalan, Chinese (Hant, China) and Spanish (Mexico)

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Quicksilver takes some getting used to - simply because it is such a unique idea - but once you have grasped the concept, it is a really innovative time saver.