In spite of spiralling hard drive capacities, the market for compressed file formats shows no sign of dwindling. Many of the files you download from the internet are provided in a compressed format such as Zip, and although Windows includes integrated support for the creation and extraction of such archives, a more powerful tool is needed to take advantage of all of the features of compressed files. This is where PowerArchiver comes into play.

The program features a number of options that are not found in the same combination in any other archiving tool. Support for scripting means that PowedrArchiver can be used to created comprehensive backups that can be run on a schedule, and support for archives over 4GB in size complete with AES encryption opens up a world of opportunities.

There is support for the creation and extraction of zip, 7zip, cab, tar, tar.gz, tar,bz2, lha and tr formats, while rar, arj, ace, iso, bin and image can all be extracted. When creating multiple archives from a selection of files, a queuing system is available to help automate the process and eliminate the need to start a new archive once the first has been created. PowerArchiver really is the Swiss army knife of archiving, containing tools to accomplish every task imaginable.

The professional version of the program includes a number of additional features and options including the ability to create and mount ISO images and an extension that can be used to burn images to CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. There is also an FTP client that can be used to upload and download files to and from remote servers, while an advanced backup facility makes it possible to safeguard valuable files by burning them to disc.


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Unlike some archival programs which focus on a small subset of options, PowerArchiver present you with every conceivable tool so you are never left wanting.