PNotes.NET is a comprehensive free tool for creating, searching and generally managing virtual notes on the Windows desktop.

The program has an excellent editor, which could justify the download all on its own. You're able to control text font, size, style and colour; insert tables, symbols, bulleted or numbered lists, pictures, even freehand drawings; set alignment, indentation and line spacing; find and replace (with regular expression support), run spellchecks with OpenOffice dictionaries, and more.

There are plenty of ways to change a note's appearance. They can have different skins, be docked to an area of the screen, pinned to a window, set as "always on top", have a custom transparency, and more.

Notes can then be flagged in various ways, set as favourites or "high priority", marked as "complete", linked to others and generally organised in whatever way suits you best.

Need a reminder? A very flexible scheduler can alert you once, daily, weekly or monthly, at regular intervals, on specific days of the week, after a certain time, or any combination of these.

You can share your notes across a network, by export/ importing them to Outlook notes, or posting them on Facebook or Twitter (with additional plugins).

There's optional password protection for the program and notes, as well as an encryption feature, though beware - encrypting your words will remove any rich text formatting.

Version brings (Changelog):

New features:

Added option to export all notes as single report to PDF file, TIF image, Word document, RTF document or text file using various options and filters (Backup/Synchronization->Export All Notes). Choose “Configure Report” in order to define the fields shown.
–exp command line switch added for performing notes export from command line
Added option to save links to other notes by right click on note’s text area and choosing Insert->Link To Other Note

Fixed bugs:

Local synchronization crashes on some systems with different numbers formatting rules.
Only date is inserted into note after clicking on Insert->Date/time (discovered by Salvafito)

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

PNotes.NET is so packed with features that it can be hard to find what you need, at least initially. Right-clicking the PNotes.NET system tray icon displays more options than some Start menus, and at first we couldn't find the note scheduler at all (you need to right-click the title bar, not the text area).

Spend an hour playing around with the program and you'll quickly figure out how everything works, though, and overall PNotes.NET is one of the very best virtual note tools around.