Spot some important text in a document or on the web, and it's easy to paste it somewhere else. But there's a problem: you may find you get all the original formatting, when all you really need is the text.

PlainTextClipboard is a free tool which solves this by converting the contents of the clipboard to plain text.

This all happens automatically, without an interface. Run PlainTextClipboard, it checks and converts the clipboard contents, and immediately exits.

It's not always them most convenient solution, but pin PlainTextClipboard to the taskbar and you can launch it with a click.

Alternatively, right-click the PlainTextClipboard shortcut, select Properties and give it an appropriate shortcut key, maybe Ctrl+Shift+P for "Plain Text". You can then run the program at any time with that hotkey.

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PlainTextClipboard is just about as basic as any utility gets, and it still manages to have an implementation issue (it displays a window on launch, closes it immediately, but steals the focus so you need to click back to where you were). Despite that, if you regularly need to convert formatted text to plain, it might be worth the download.