PickMeApp is an interesting tool which helps you to move your chosen software from one PC to another, without having to reinstall it.

Getting hold of the software itself is unusually difficult. The download link here will take you to the PickMeApp site, where you'll have to create an account, wait for an email, log in, set a new password, then find the real download.

The program will then install browser toolbars or other "extras" unless you specifically tell it otherwise, and you'll then apparently be offered one further installation option for every 4-7 days of PickMeApp usage.

If you can live with that, though, PickMeApp does seem to work reasonably well. It supports lots of applications, can capture them (record their files and state) in a click or two, and is then able to deploy them (reinstall them on a new system) just as easily. There are a lot of options and novice PC users may be confused occasionally, but otherwise there's a lot of power here.

Aside from all the adware, though, the real issue here is that PickMeApp remains a beta, more liable than usual to contain bugs. And if your applications aren't relocated with 100% accuracy then it could cause you all kinds of hassles. Don't let that put you off entirely - if PickMeApp works for you then it'll probably save you a great deal of time - but just be careful, test it with a few minor applications before you relocate a complete system.

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PickMeApp is a powerful application which seems to do a generally good job of moving software from one PC to another. Look out for the adware, though, and remember its beta status - test the program carefully before you use it on anything important.