PhraseExpress is a clever text replacement tool that adds productivity-boosting features to almost every Windows application.

It can automatically expand commonly used phrases, for instance. Type "adr" and the program can replace it with your address; enter "sig" and it could be expanded to your regular signature. You're able to create as many phrases as you need, and they'll work in most Windows programs.

Automatic spell check is another useful benefit. There's nothing to set up, no options to configure, PhraseExpress simply works in the background, monitoring whatever you type, and correcting any errors as they appear. And again, this works everywhere, in Notepad, all browsers, wherever you type blocks of text.

There's a clipboard cache, which keeps track of everything you've pasted into the clipboard recently. If you'd pasted a lengthy URL to the clipboard, say, then accidentally overwritten it with something else, this isn't a problem. Just right-click the PhraseExpress system tray icon, click Clipboard Express and select the URL from the list.

The program also recognises repetitive text automatically, and can complete full sentences for you. A macro facility carries out special tasks just by typing text shortcuts, so for instance you might type "word" to launch Microsoft Word. And a comprehensive settings dialog ensures you can customise every aspect of PhraseExpress to work exactly as you'd like.

PhraseExpress v12.0.145 brings these changes (see the full changelog):

New User Interface

New three column layout

The optional three-column layout separates folders from phrases, making it easier to organize large phrase libraries.
Phrase selection menu

The appearance and colors can be configured in detail.

Enhanced Cross-Platform Compatibility
PhraseExpress v12 for Windows is ready to sync phrases with the PhraseExpress versions for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad and Android.

Multi-Language Phrases
Template boilerplate management taken to the next level - Literally.

You can now switch the same phrase library into different "levels", e.g. into different languages:

Multi language phrase library

When switching levels, the phrase folder structure, autotext and hotkey associations all stay the same!
You can switch the same phrase library between multiple languages or different products, departments, applications in no time.

This is a total game changer for multi-language call centers or technical support handling inquiries for different products.

This features is available fro SQL phrase databases only.

Advanced Phrase File Synchronization
PhraseExpress keeps the history of phrase file changes.
PhraseExpress v12 now allows you to inspect individual changes:
Merge and Sync dialog
This feature also comes in handy in case of version conflicts if multiple users edit the same phrase file at the same time.
You can decide for each change which version you wish to keep in the shared file.

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Simple and effective way to save time on typing, avoid typos and minimise spelling mistakes