PDFrizator is a surprisingly capable tool for building PDF presentations.

At its simplest, you might just drag and drop a bunch of JPEGs from your Pictures folder, drop them into PDFrizator, and save them as a PDF. It really can be that easy - but explore further and it's amazing just what else you can do here.

PDFrizator supports importing many more image formats, for instance: gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .cbr, .cbz and more.

You don't have the picture you need? You can also search online image libraries: Bing, Google, Picasa, Flickr or TwitPic. And not just with keywords. The program also supports many of the image host's filtering options, perhaps including size, colour, file format, layout amongst others.

It's just as easy to add sounds to a page, either locally or by downloading samples from SoundCloud.

And you also get plenty of control over how each image is displayed, with options to rotate it, set its display duration, even a transition effect from 16 possibilities (slides, fades, pushes, dissolves and more).

We noticed a few issues here. The interface isn't always quite as intuitive as it should be, for instance, and as there's no Help file we were occasionally (but only occasionally) left wondering how to carry out a particular action.

PDFrizator isn't even at version 1 yet, though, so this is no great surprise. And the reality is that, even with the odd quirk, it's already a very powerful tool which provides a great way to present your images and ideas.

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An excellent PDF presentation tool with a lengthy list of valuable features