PDF Shaper is an easy-to-use collection of PDF processing tools. It's able to extract images and text, convert images to and from PDF, sign, encrypt and decrypt documents, rotate pages, split and merge files, and more.

PDF Shaper is very simple to use. Specify one or more files to convert, give it a destination file or folder, click Convert - and that's it. All you then have to do is watch the status window as it reports conversion progress (and you won't even be doing that for long, as the program is fairly quick).

Since the v8 release, PDF Shaper has been split into three editions. The Free version, available here, has the majority of the features most home users would need. The Premium edition, available for $19.95, includes the ability to add/remove watermarks from a PDF, convert Word (.doc/.docx) documents to PDF and protect PDFs. The Professional version, available for $29.95, includes an external PDF viewer, OCR support and a commercial licence.

What's new in 8.4 (see changelog for more info)?

New Features 
• Option to integrate PDF Shaper into shell.
• Option to load file list from command line.
• Option to crop page using percent units.
• Option to set margins in Crop PDF tool.
• Log file (log.txt) for command line operations.

• Updated help file and translations.
• Changed file extension for file lists (*.psfl).
• Improvements to command line processing.
• Improved PDF to TXT conversion.

Bug Fixes 
• Fixed minor memory leak in multilingual versions.
• Fixed bug with multipage text extraction (OCR versions).
• Fixed bug with page rotation (if page has rotation mark).
• Fixed bug with running OCR in some cases.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

PDF Shaper delivered mixed results for us. Some of the simpler tools - rotate, split, merge - worked just fine, but complex documents weren't always converted correctly. Still, you might be luckier, and even if you're not, there's enough functionality here to justify the download.