Ozoko Desktop is an interesting tool that can display animated, interactive Flash-based wallpaper on your Windows Vista or 7 desktop.

This can be a lot of fun, at least initially. Install the fish wallpaper, for instance, and you'll find small (but surprisingly realistic) red fish swimming over your desktop: very restful to watch.

And because this is based on Flash, rather than being a tedious, repeating video, you can even interact with your new pets. Left-clicking on the desktop drops some virtual "food", and your fishes cluster around, eager to grab their share.

That doesn't appeal? There are plenty of other options. What about a toy car, that you can race around your desktop with a virtual joystick? Or a restful picture of a tree, complete with falling leaves? There are a wide range of clocks, both analogue and digital. And if you'd like your desktop to be pulsating with multicoloured dots then you'll love the abstract options available here.

All this eye candy will sap your PCs resources, of course, but the impact turned out to be less than we'd expected. Running the animated fish on our test PC produced a CPU load of under 2%, for instance, and simpler backgrounds, like the clocks, were even less demanding.

If you're running an underpowered computer then plainly even this will be too much. But if you've a fast PC, where you don't need to account for every CPU cycle, and you'd like to make your system stand out from the crowd, then Ozoko Desktop could be the perfect choice.

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A fun and original way to customise your desktop. It might also waste rather too much CPU time, though - check with Task Manager after installation