The context menu in Windows provides a great way to interact with your files, but the range of options it offers by default is a little limited, this is something you can address by making use of Open++. This nifty little utility grants you a great deal of control over the appearance and function of the context menu, enabling you to add all manner of new entries that give you new ways of working with your files.

The name of the tool suggests that it might be useful for opening selected files with program other than their default associated app, and this is certainly one useful aspect of it. There are a number of new entries including the ability to open a command prompt window at the path of the currently selected file, or you may want to take advantage of the option to copy the path of the file to the clipboard.

Other options include changing file properties, running a checksum, parsing the file to the Run dialog so you can add parameters before executing it, and even the incredibly useful ability to create a subfolder if the item you have right clicked is a folder. When working with DLL files you can quickly register and unregister them, and there is also the opportunity to add shortcuts to other programs so you can choose which should be used to open a file.

The setup tool is very simple to use, and you can easily choose which of the available menu options should be enabled. If you would like different options to be displayed in the menu depending on the type of file you right click, you can specify different options for different file types. Open++ is wonderfully flexible, and a great addition to the software toolbox of any keen poweruser.

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Simplifying access to common options and making it easier to interact with your files, Open++ is a brilliant utility.