O&O LaunchPad is a simple, stand-alone program which allows you to launch the O&O products you've already purchased (or install them if they're not on this particular PC).

There's support for detecting and firing up the following applications.

  • O&O AutoBackup
  • O&O CleverCache
  • O&O Defrag
  • O&O DiskImage
  • O&O DiskRecovery
  • O&O DiskStat
  • O&O DriveLED
  • O&O PartitionManager
  • O&O SafeErase
  • O&O SSD Migration Kit

The program works reasonably well as a simple launcher. Attractive use of graphics means it looks good, and it's reasonably lightweight, grabbing a little over 12MB RAM on our test PC (which means you can leave it running in the background without much impact).

Of course you could also achieve a similar effect by creating a folder, and adding a few shortcuts to it. Which would be even more efficient, and give you better customisation opportunities, too.

But if you use several O&O tools then the real advantage here is LaunchPad's ability to install them from scratch. If you buy a new PC, or are reinstalling an existing computer, then there's no need to head off to the O&O site to find the various downloads: just run LaunchPad, click the Install button for each product you need, and it'll automatically download and launch each setup program for you.

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LaunchPad provides an easy way to set up a new PC with all your current O&O products, & can then launch them with a click later.