NTFS Permissions Reporter is a tool to help you figure out how NTFS file and folder permissions are assigned on your drive.

There's none of the usual hassle with the standard Windows security dialogs, for instance. Instead you can simply right-click a folder and choose Report Permissions to retrieve information on the selected folder, and all its subfolders.

And after a relatively quick scan time you'll have a tree which can browse, and clicking on any individual folder will accurately reveal the permissions for each of your user groups, as well as details on any folders which haven't inherited their parent's permissions, and a table of folders indicating any errors which the program encountered along the way (like trying to access folders when it doesn't have the appropriate permissions, ironically).

Don't like the default presentation? It's also possible to display the results in a grid (including the relevant SID), and your report can be exported as an HTML file for easy analysis later.

Useful though this is, the commercial Standard Edition is significantly better as it supports filters. Rather than simply report every permission on and below the target folder, you can look only for directories which aren't inheriting permissions, say; user accounts which don't exist; accounts which have been explicitly assigned (or denied) permissions; accounts from certain domains, and more.

If that's not enough then you can create your own filters from scratch based on many different criteria, making the package very useful for system administrators. Prices start at $149 and you can find out more at the developer's site.

Version 1.5.0 brings:
•Results can now be exported to NTPR file and loaded back in to the application at a later date
•Application is now a 64 bit process when run from a 64 bit OS (so it can access more than 4 GB of RAM)
•Compare Reports feature shows you the differences between permissions in 2 different reports
•The account or group that has been set as the Owner of each directory is now shown
•Fixed a bug that caused the Relative Path column not to be exported correctly when exporting to HTML or CSV file
•The table in HTML exports is now sortable
•Added an option to hide permissions from the tree view that have been excluded by a filter but are on the same directory as other permissions that do match the filter
•When adding a quick filter, existing filter items will no longer be removed
•Minor GUI improvements

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NTFS Permissions Reporter Free Edition doesn't have anything like the power of the commercial edition, but if you just want a quick, easy and accurate way to review all your folder permissions at once then it'll still be very useful.