Not Another PDF Scanner (NAPS2) is a document scanner which works with WIA and TWAIN scanners, can scan multiple pages, organise the results, and export them to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and other image formats.

On first use the program asks you to create a "profile", a collection of settings defining how you'd like the document to be scanned. These include the device, preferred driver (WIA or TWAIN), document source, size, resolution, bit depth, horizontal alignment, brightness and contrast.

You can set up multiple profiles for various purposes: low-res for speed, hi-res for detail, whatever you like.

Once you're prepared, click Scan, choose a profile, click Scan and NAPS2 acquires an image from your scanner, then displays this as a thumbnail. Repeat the process to scan as many pages as you need.

The page thumbnails may then be viewed, flipped, rotated or moved around as required.

There are buttons to save your pages as a PDF, individual images, or send them (as a PDF) via email.

Alternatively, a command line interface makes it possible to automate the process, perhaps scanning and emailing your documents from a script.

Version 3 added support for OCR, too, which follows the same hassle-free approach. No lengthy wizards or complex dialog boxes to navigate, just click OCR, choose the appropriate language file, that's downloaded and your PDF is made searchable.

It's now also possible to import images, then treat them in the same way, optionally processing them and saving them as PDFs.

Version 5.4.0 brings (Changelog):

Added automatic deskew option (under the Rotate menu or under Advanced in your profile settings) (credit to Peter Hommel)
Added single-page save buttons to the preview window
Added "Prompt for file path" option to Auto Save Settings
Split "Force matching page size" option into "Stretch to page size" and "Crop to page size" options
Added "Retry on failure" and "Delay between scans" WIA compatibility options
Added support for environment variables in most paths
Added LICENSE and CONTRIBUTORS files to the root directory (this replaces most copyright notices elsewhere)
Added Nynorsk language
Bug fixes

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Not Another PDF Scanner is quick and easy to use, a simple way to assemble PDFs from a few scanned pages.