There is no shortage of disc burning tools to choose from, most of which include so many features that many are likely to remain unused. When it comes to creating discs, it is likely to be the case that all you want to do is copy a series of files to CD or DVD for backup purposes, or you need to make a copy of an existing disc you have created. Nero BurnLite 10 is a cut down version of the word famous Nero burning software - it provides access to only basic burning tasks, but it is available completely free of charge.

The Lite edition of Nero enables you to create data discs, ideal for copying valuable files to disc as a backup or burning a disc of photographs to share with friends and family. The program can also be used to copy disc- this can be a disc-to-disc copy, or an existing CD or DVD can be converted into an image files for burning at a later date.

The uncluttered interface and focus on only the most common disc related tasks means that Nero BurnLite 10 is easy to use and an ideal starting point for beginners or anyone with minimal disc creation needs. Should you find you need access to any of the features of the full version of Nero, it is possible to upgrade from within the Lite edition.

This may not suit everyone, but if you just want to a burn a data disc, this is a good option.

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Nero BurnLite 10 may not be an all-singing, all-dancing burning suite, but it is free and focuses on the most common burning tasks