If, like increasing numbers of people, you have more than one computer you use simultaneously on a regular basis, you’ll be aware of the problem of filling up your desk with two mice and two keyboards. You may be using your laptop and your desktop computer at the same time and making the switch between the two devices can be a pain – you either have to grapple with two mice or switch between mouse and trackpad.

You could make use of a KVM switch which enables you to connect multiple computers to the same monitor, keyboard and mouse, but this is less than ideal. Another option is to make use of Stardock’s free Multiplicity tool. This works as a virtual KWM switch meaning that you do not need to buy or install any extra hardware and, perhaps most importantly, it is a solution that will not cost you a penny.

Getting Multiplicity up and running is a two-step process. You will need to install the software on both machines and specify that one will be the primary machine and the other the secondary. If you have ever connected a second monitor to your computer, you’ll be familiar with the notion of moving the mouse cursor from one display to another, and Multiplicity works in much the same way, albeit with separate computers – there is also the option of using keyboard shortcuts.

If you have even more computers to work with, there is the option of buying a license that enables you to use a single mouse and keyboard to control up to nine computers, but for most people the free version should be just fine. The paid-for version has a number of extra features such as the ability to drag and drop files between computers, sharing a clipboard an centralizing audio output.

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An amazing piece of software that reduces desktop clutter and eliminates the need for duplicate peripherals.