Monitor Power Saver is a tiny tool which provides various ways to turn off your monitor, saving energy and extending battery life.

There's no installation, just run the program and double-click its system tray icon to see your options.

Check a box or two and Monitor Power Saver can automatically turn off your monitor when the system is idle for a defined period of time, or when the screen saver kicks in.

There's also a configurable hotkey which turns off all your monitors on demand.

As a bonus, the Advance tab enables scheduling your system to sleep/ hibernate, stand by, restart or shut down at a given date and time, or on specific days of the week.

Every feature worked as advertised on our test system, with our display turning off automatically and on demand.

Tap any key and the monitor is turned on immediately.

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Windows can automatically turn off your monitor already, once you've set up a power plan, but Monitor Power Saver provides useful extra options and more control. Check it out.