Navigating through the programs and windows you have open can be a pain, but Windows provides you with a couple of ways to do so. If, as a Windows user, you have looked at the Mission Control and Expose features of OS X and felt a pang of jealousy this is an app that could satiate your desire. As the name suggests, this is a straight copy of the window navigation tool found in OS X and it has been well implemented.

Call up the Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 and you’ll see a neatly tiled view of all of the programs and windows you have open. If you are using more than one monitor, everything will be pulled onto your primary display, you can easily switch to any of the things you have running by clicking with the left mouse button, while a right click displays a larger preview – and there are various other mouse and keyboard shortcuts that can be used.

There’s little to criticize in this app, but the installation and running process is a little different to other program. As this is a beta product, there is currently no installer so it is down to the user to extract the downloaded zip file and copy the contents to the folder of their choice. The program can then be started on a single-run basis by double clicking the program executable, but if you want the utility to be available at all times you’re going to have to do a little work.

The lack of installer means that to have the program start automatically with Windows you will need to create a shortcut in the Startup group of the Start menu, but it does not end there. Left like this, the app will start in single run mode, so you need to manually edit the parameters so that it is launched in memory resident mode so that it can be easily called up with a keyboard shortcut.

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It’s not perfect, or something that will work for everyone, but this is still a neat port of a great feature of OS X.