Lomsel Shutdown is a free tool which can automate many common PC tasks: power actions (shutdown, log off, restart, standby, hibernate), turn monitor on/ off, empty clipboard, empty trash, clear recent documents, eject CD, close CD or show desktop.

If you need to perform some of these tasks regularly, Lomsel Shutdown can give you access to them via a hotkey or from a system tray icon, which could save you some time.

Alternatively, you're able to run them automatically when a process closes or your CPU is idle.

The obvious use for this is to monitor some long-running process, maybe a file download, and close your system once it's finished.

You could also have Lomsel Shutdown watch a vital system process and restart the system automatically if it closes.

The program could also protect your privacy by clearing the clipboard when an application closes.

Unfortunately, there's no way to build up a library of these rules. Lomsel Shutdown can only automate a single task at one time.

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Lomsel Shutdown is a very basic automation tool. You can't schedule actions to take place at a specific time, or after a defined period, or when there's no network activity: the only triggers are a simple CPU idle and when a process closes.

The program could be more useful for its on-demand features. In a click or two you could set hotkeys to eject your disc drive, clear the clipboard, maybe turn your monitor on and off, whatever might save you a little time.