If you have an iPhone, there is a high chance that you do not use all of the available storage space for apps, music and photos. Using iPhone Explorer you can transform you iPhone into a USB drive which can then be used to store any type of file while benefiting from direct access to the contents of your device.

The program interface is broken up into a number of categories which can be used to access the music movies, photos and ringtones you have saved, and if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can also access text messages and emails. Any files you browse can be quickly copied to your computer for backup purposes.

iPhone Explorer can also be used to brose the full contents of your iPhone, including system files, but a major advantage of using the program is its ability to create ringtones. MP3, WAV, AIFF and M4A audio files can be used as a source file and it does not matter whether the track in question is on your phone or one your computer.

Ringtones that are created in this way can exceed the 30 second limit that is normally imposed by iTunes which opens up new opportunities. iPhone Explorer is a great tool for making it easier to work with your iPhone, whether you can to create backups of the files you have stored on it, make use of free storage space or tinker with system files.

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A great tool for iPhone users which is faster and more feature packed than iTunes.