Whether you use your computer for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, it is important to keep it in good shape if you are to get the best possible performance from it. There are a number of tools built into Windows that can be used to help maintain system health and performance, but Advanced SystemCare 6 provides you with a more automated option so that much of the hard work is taken care of for you. While this is not a completely new product, it is a beta preview of an upcoming release, showcasing a number of new features.

There are all of the usual suspects in terms of optimization tools – hard drive and registry defragging, process explorer, startup manager and much more. If you have used previous versions of the program you’ll notice that there is a redesigned interface, and while this is still little on the cluttered and unusual side, it is an improvement on what it replaces.

This is a system utility that is not just about maintenance, although this is clearly at its heart; it is also about protection and you will find that there are tools on hand to help to keep you safe online. In practice this means that you are simply steered away from malicious web sites, but it is a helpful inclusion nonetheless. Other handy features and improvements include faster defragmentation, a smaller overall footprint and enhanced turbo boost feature.

Depending on your level of computer knowledge, you can choose between working in simple or expert mode, with the latter revealing some additional options that are not otherwise available. There is also a configuration wizard that makes it incredibly simple to select the settings that are most appropriate for your computer and the fact that there is an AutoCare feature means that once this has been done your computer will be looked after on your behalf.

Note that this is the FREE version of IObit Advanced SystemCare 6. You can upgrade to the PRO version with more functionality. The PRO version ships with deeper cleansing, anti-malware support, automatic updates, no adverts and much more.

New v6.4 features/improvements include:

+ Updated database for Malware Removal for better security
+ Updated database for Privacy Sweep for better privacy protection
+ Updated database for Surfing Protection for safer online surfing and searching
+ Updated multiple languages to the latest
+ Updated and optimized multiple tools in Toolbox
+ Added Support for Windows 8.1
+ Fixed general bugs 

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It's not a major upgrade, but Advanced SystemCare 6 does include some worthwhile improvements and it's now an extremely comprehensive PC maintenance and optimisation suite.