As the name suggests, Advanced SystemCare 4 is IObit’s all-in-one PC maintenance tool. It’s packed full of utilities designed to improve performance, fix problems and – new in version 4 – root out malware.

The program is split into four core sections: Quick Care performs a quick-fire scan of five key areas of your computer: malware, Registry, shortcuts, privacy sweeper and junk files. If you want to go further, select Deep Care instead – this performs the same five scans as Quick Care, albeit going deeper (so you get a full malware scan and deep Registry clean), plus adds another five for good measure.

Want a quick-fire speed boost? Try switching Turbo Boost on – this can be configured to ensure you don’t accidentally switch off features you might actually use. The final section – Toolbox – replaces the Utilities component of version 3 with the same collection of 20 portable tools found in IObit’s standalone IObit Toolbox program.

Everything is packaged up in a user-friendly, colourful front end, but it’s important to understand that some of these tools are very powerful and could cause problems. That’s why it’s critical Advanced SystemCare backups all the changes it makes, in case you need to undo any changes. Thankfully that’s all included – click Rescue, pick your chosen backup and remove it to return things to the way they were.

This free version contains all the basic functionality you need – if you want to push things even further, try the paid-for Pro version instead which includes deeper scanning, automatic optimisation and access to 10 different user interface themes.. Once you’ve upgraded, just enter the license key to unlock the program’s full range of features.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 4.2.0 ships with these new features/fixes:

+ Added initial support for Windows 8
+ Added support for Firefox 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 Beta1, Google Chrome 15.0 Beta, 16.0 Beta
+ Added support for Flash Player (Non-IE) 11.0 and Flash Player (IE) 11.0, Thunderbird 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 Beta1, AntiVir Personal 12.0, TeamSpeak 3.0, AVG Free Edition 2012, KMPlayer 3.0, MediaMonkey 4.0
+ Improved modules for "Privacy Sweep", "Junk Files Clean" and "Deep Registry Fix"
+ Improved tools in "ToolBox"
+ Improved UI
+ Updated "IObit Uninstaller 2.0"
+ Updated language files
* Fixed general bugs

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A decent selection of tuneup, repair and maintenance utilities – shame there’s no way to preview the effects of upgrading without shelling out, though.