The Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox is a collection of utilities to help you manage and optimise Intel Solid-State Drives (SSDs). It currently supports Intel drives in the X-18, X-25, 3xx, 5xx and 7xx ranges. You may need the latest firmware to use the toolbox.

Tools include the SSD Optimizer, which uses various techniques (including the TRIM command) to enhance the performance of Intel's 34nm SSDs (it won't work with 50nm models).

A Drive Information option will tell you more about your particular SSD. Not sure of its model name, perhaps? Or maybe you're wondering which version of firmware it's using? One click and you'll find out here.

A SMART tool displays details about how the drive is being used: power cycles, power on time, media wearout indicator and other data that could alert you to an impending hardware failure.

And if you're already worried about your drive's reliability, then there are two diagnostic scans that could provide useful clues to its health. The Fast Scan takes three minutes and gives you a quick idea, while the Full Diagnostic Scan puts your drive through a complete workout, and delivers the most reliable report.

What's new in 3.5.3?

-This release of the Intel® SSD Toolbox includes support for the Intel® SSD 660p Series products.
- Additionally, this release also includes feature update for Intel® SSD 660p Series products as listed below:
- GUI feature added under Intel SSD optimizer “ Boost Performance” to clear internal cache of SSD Fixed issue that, in some extreme cases, may result in user losing access to drive.

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An essential program for everyone with a compatible Intel SSD