InDeep File List Maker is a portable tool which enables users to create lists of files in any folder tree, and search them as required.

At a minimum, this could be used to save a text report on some of your files (everything in the Pictures folder, say). But if you create lists from backup CDs and DVDs, then it's also a handy way to help you find out which disk contains a particular file.

The program is extremely small, a single 176KB executable. There's no installation involved, so you can run it from a USB stick on multiple PCs, and search all their file lists later.

A small toolbar walks you through the list building process. Click "Select folder", browse to your target folder; click "Create file list" to find all the files in that tree; click "Save file list" to save those details (don't forget this step, the Search only works on saved lists).

Some handy settings allow you to reconfigure the search, including the scan depth (no subfolders/ 1 level/ 2 levels/ 3 levels/ all subfolders), and whether you want to list empty folders.

When you need to find a file later, click the "Find in lists" tab, type a keyword in the search box, and any matching file names are displayed, along with their source folder and file list name.

InDeep File List Maker stores its file lists as plain text, which means you can also use some other search tool, if you prefer.

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InDeep File List Maker makes it easy to create lists of files on CDs, DVDs, network drives, different computers, and search them all on any convenient PC. Nicely done.